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Student Exhibition Opens Tomorrow Come On In To The Opening at 2.3o pm


There is much excitement floating around the studio this week as we prepare for the student exhibition.  This is the first time many of them have had their works hung and that can be a bit of a scary experience.  The thing about being an artist is that you want people to see and acknowledge your work, however, at the same time you don’t want to put yourself out there.  Creating art is a very personal journey and every painting we do we share a little more of who we are and what is meaningful to us. Here are a few snippets from the week’s journey to get the studio prepared.  I want to give a big shout out to my partner John who is the ever patient, executor of my many small jobs that needed to be finished off.

Student Exhibition,Chai is on window cleaning duties, sparkling up the door

Chay is on window cleaning duties, sparkling up the door. Thanks, Chay!


student exhibition,fiddly bits,picture hanging system

John Is doing fiddly bits with the tracking for the paintings. Thanks, John!

This wonderful guy went to Bunnings and bought some really cheap aluminium channelling stuff, and then made up some little bits to slot inside it, and then put it up in the studio for me, and hey presto, great studio tracking at a fraction of the cost you pay for the ready-made stuff. So if you’re ever wanting to put tracking in your studio this is a really inexpensive way to do it!

student exhibition,kadirajennings,art_classes_central_coast

Ironing The bookcase coverings


Do you ever have things that you hang on to for what seems like forever? You know, you can’t just bring yourself to throw them away or get rid of them. Well, I finally found a use for some pieces of fabric I have been holding onto for over 10 years now. I needed something to cover up the bookcases in the studio, so I could hang some extra paintings for the student exhibition. So I thought I’d dig into an old chest I have before I went out and bought something from Spotlight. And, lo and behold, I found this piece of printed silk Velvet that I made years ago, plus some unprinted velvet and an old satin sheet. Perfect!

Well!  I was just going back through my previous posts and see that I have forgotten to do a post on how our student exhibition went. I think that after I’d put it in the Newsletter that I must have thought I’d done it!  So here we are – somewhat late but better than never. Once again, thanks to our hosts Ellie and Peter at Fires Creek Winery who kindly make their space available to us, in such beautiful surroundings.

We had a great turn out with possibly 50-60 people trickling through the opening which was awesome.

This year the show was opened by Fiona Crain from International Community Advocates which supports women in the community. We raised $65  her charity through aour painting sales, which will have helped to buy emergency packs for women fleeing domestic violence.

We sold 2 paintings – one by our youngest student Ella. It is interesting to know that you can’t second guess why someone might buy a painting.  This painting -“Nutella” by Ella – see painting on far left of the picture……

Nutella Painting


was bought by a lady who had always loved Nutella as a kid and the painting reminded her of that.  She was putting it in her kitchen to give her fond memories of happy times.

Here are some images of the opening.

Student Exhibition 1


Student Exhibition 2


The other star of the day was Murray, who sold a small water colour.

Water colour Butterfly

‘ Butterfly ‘ Watercolour by Murray


And so ends the exhibition for another year and congratulations to the students who sold.

This week’s Question: When are you thinking of showing your work, and who might that be to?

I am going to interrupt our flow of posts this week to bring you an update on the Student Exhibition at Fires Creek Winery.  All went very smoothly on Friday, assisted by help from several of the students including Lorraine and Lorraine, Deborah, Stephanie, Gordon, Diane and my wonderfully helpful partner John. And if I have forgotten anyone, I do apologize as my brain has gone to mush! I was up till 2 am this morning printing labels and all that other stuff that one has to do before an exhibition.


Fires Creek Winery

I think today gave many of the students a good insight into how much is actually involved in hanging a show, that one never really sees. From putting blue tak dots on the bottoms of the paintings to making sure that they all look good together. The latter can be quite a challenge when you are hanging a show that has many different sizes and styles of art.

Still all was done in a timely fashion and the show looks great.

photo (33)


We had an article in the paper last week …. and I did a radio interview with a local radio station arts reporter – Meredith Gilmore from Coast fm963 that went to air on Sunday night. So it’s been a very busy week.

A Vine Art Affair at Fires Creek Winery

A Vine Art Affair at Fires Creek Winery


The opening was Sunday afternoon and we had a great crowd turn out for it.  The show was opened by Fiona Crain from International Community Advocates – a local charity which supports women and children fleeing domestic violence.  The aim of  The Strong Women Project is to practically assist women and children with new essentials and help them on their way to establishing a new life.


This Weeks Question: Are you going to showcase your work somewhere this year?


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