The Dragon And His Mistress

This painting ‘The Dragon And His Mistress’,  is one of those works that seemed like a good idea at the time …… and then you look at it later, scratching your head and saying to yourself – “What was I thinking?”  It is what it is, but sometimes I wonder where these things come from.  Well it did come from a photo of a deep chasm, however it decided to do it’s own thing and become something else!

The Dragon and His Mistress Oil painting by Kadira Jennings

The Dragon and His Mistress 33″x24″


The colour is extraordinarily intense – perhaps I was just having an ‘intense’ day.  Colour seems to be something that just flows out of me, regardless of what I’m thinking.  It is instinctual, it is spiritual and yes, it is intense – mostly. I find it very difficult to paint wafty, high key, paintings with little tonal difference. An example of which is below in Monet’s painting of Charing Cross Bridge. Don’t get me wrong, Monet’s painting is a wonderful example of a high key painting, it’s just not my thing to paint them.

The Dragon And His Mistress compared to Charing Cross Bridge  Monet

Charing Cross Bridge Monet


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