The Sand Wave Paintings

The Sand Wave Paintings were inspired by a cliff on a beach that looks like a giant wave made of sand.  The apparent movement within this enormous cliff was the thing that captured my imagination here.  I painted the first one to the point you see below and then sat looking at it in the mirror because I was having difficulty in resolving it.


The Sand Wave Paintings 1

The Sand Wave Paintings I


After a bit more painting I decided to turn it upside down and here is the result.  It was when I did this that I saw the possibilities for the corner I was having difficulty with. Also I really liked what was happening with the perspective of it. Instead of looking up into the sky, it seemed to me that I was falling down into it…….. a delicious paradox!


Sand Wave Paintings 2

Sand Wave Painting I

So I then decided to paint another version of this work and keep it the right way up this time.  I really wanted to push that sense of the wave energy going into the sky, which I think I achieved.

Sand Wave Paintings II

Sand Wave Painting II


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Posted By: Kadira Jennings