In Part 3 of this series I spoke about the importance of niching your business.  I have also mentioned elsewhere the idea of  becoming a linchpin as part of that process, regardless of your profession.  I would like to share some more ideas on this topic, which have arisen from my experiences this week, as I wrestled with the SEO for my new website.

This process actually gave me some extraordinary insights into just who I am as an artist and what exactly makes my art unique.  All artists of course produce unique art unless they are involved in the reproduction business. Because of my experience I am inspired to  develop  a new tool which will help artists define simply and easily who they are as an artist. I will let you know when this is available.  I have got as far as a name for it – ‘ The  Artists Linchpin Tool.’

Broomstick  and Flower Pots

Why Are You Different?

I suspect that about now many of you are collectively cringing and rolling your right brains at the very mention of  SEO – or perhaps don’t know what that is – however I lovingly urge you to take a serious look at this idea.  Why?  Simply because this process really helped me clarify things so succinctly. Simply put,  SEO is all about keywords and very clearly defining what you are all about.

Catch the next post for a peek into how it all works!