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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could reach the end of the year with the same kind of momentum, excitement, hope and possibilities that we launch into the New Year with?

Unfortunately, the end of the year always seems to end in a frenetic, flurry of trying to wrap up work projects and somehow fit in Christmas shopping and attend end of year school functions if you have children, and not to mention the ballet recitals, drama productions and everything else that goes along with having kids. How many times do you hear people say these days, I wish we could forget about Christmas.

  • My question is, what kind of things could really make a difference to
    How we experience the end of the year?

So let’s take a look at Xmas. Of course, if you want to change the way things are, then you have to be prepared to change what you are doing now. And for something as big as Christmas, this will require firstly, changing how you think and secondly a major shift in your organisational planning.
Some of what I’m going to suggest, may not be new and some of it is, so you may or may not be familiar with it, however, if you can manage to implement it, it will de-stress Christmas to a very large degree. So what to do?

1. Begin NOW – Well EARLY JANUARY, by making a list of all the people you would like to honour next Christmas. Divide them into four categories of how you intend to do that, with either

  • a card
  • a present
  • an email or
  • a Christmas catch up

2. The people you want to catch up with, put them into your calendar NOW, yes 11 months ahead. And then take that one step further and talk to them about it. Now, this already gives you a clear idea of what space you have left at Christmas for other things. Of course some flexibility needs to be built into this process, however, it is a start. And you can now forget about it until around October when you need to revisit it and just check in with everyone that they are still ok with those dates. I would suggest that you might get some resistance from your friends about such forward planning, however, you can point out to them the advantages and doing this, of being able to make time for what is really important in life.

3. Next, make a list those you would like to buy presents for. This list will not change much during the year, you may add one or two people, or a few may drop off that list, but usually, it stays much the same.

  • With this list, put beside each person’s name, a gift you might give them
  • Now all you have to do is keep your eye out for that item during the year.   This will allow you to save money by sourcing it cheap online or buying in a super sale during the year.
  • Decide on a date you will have purchased all the items by say – the end of October and review all your purchases then, making sure you have all the items needed.
  • This will also, still give you time to get anything that’s missing off your list.

4. You can buy your Christmas cards now, in the after Christmas sales and keep them ready for next year. All you will need to do is fill them out and post them. Put a reminder in your phone to visit this task in mid-November.

5. With the emails, again put a reminder in your phone, this time to visit the task in mid-to-late December.


And that is Christmas taken care of – no rush, no fuss. What do you think? Start 2018, by getting the end of the year in order. How does it get any better than that!